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Groningen Investment Fund (GIF)

Groningen Investment Fund (GIF)

The Province of Groningen is bursting with dynamism, entrepreneurial talent and the urge to innovate. New, promising companies spring from the ground every day. Entrepreneurs and investors put a lot of time and effort into increasing these companies’ chances of success. They thus make an important economic and social contribution to growth in this region. As well as budding entrepreneurs, there is also a lot of entrepreneurial experience here. It is put to use in many areas and is extremely important to existing and new companies.

The Province of Groningen is looking to further enhance the ability to innovate and strengthen the structure of Groningen’s economy. With this aim in mind it has set up the Groningen Investment Fund (GIF). The GIF participates in other investment funds and that way also supports Groningen-based funds. What this means in practice is that there are collaborative efforts with other investors, resulting in the creation of new funds. New funds such as these invest in innovative SME companies in the province of Groningen.

Key points of the Groningen Investment Fund (GIF).

  • the funds invest in innovative SME companies in the province of Groningen;
  • the GIF has a rotating nature: there is a returns objective underlying each proposition;
  • each (proposed) fund has its own focus; but concentrates on innovative SME companies
  • the GIF invests a maximum of € 7,500,000.00 in each newly established fund;
  • the GIF holds a maximum of 49.9% of the shares in the fund;
  • requirements are set for the fund; these can be explained in more detail in exploratory talks;
  • the GIF is implemented by NV NOM. The NOM has more than 40 years’ experience of making successful investments.

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