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Business Development program; Venturelab North

A company's success needs more than a great idea. Factors like a good business model, access to the market and capital, the right contacts and skills determine the final result for more than eighty percent. VentureLab's one-year business development program provides the right set of tools to accomplish your ambitions.

VentureLab supports starting entrepreneurs and established companies to make their ambitions come true. It does not matter if you are still in the initiation phase or that your company has existed for decades. We provide our support at an individual level to executives, managers and business developers or in teamwork to a specific group or department within your organization. Also, as a foreign company, you will find an answer to your questions at VentureLab.

The various developments that your organization needs to undergo for your growth ambition must always be supportive in order to achieve a balanced organizational improvement that is sustainable and future-proof.

One-year Business Development program

The Business Development program includes:


  • Intensive coaching of the participant by a personal coach and an expert
  • Knowledge, training and guidance in the area of ​​strategy, finance, marketing and sales, technology and organization
  • Personal development and team development
  • Access to countless networks and relationships, among potential partners, customers and financiers
  • Flexible working space, meeting rooms and access to research databases



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