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Groningen is a young and dynamic city in the Northern Netherlands. Known for its no-nonsense "down-to-business" attitude. Did you know that half of the Groningers are under 35 years old? And half of the working population in Groningen has a university degree? 

Groningen is already home to many amazing fast-growing startups, including Voys, Frank (formerly Experty), Data Provider and Chordify. A few more success stories? HackerOne's ethical hackers collected 22.7 million euros of investment and were rated by BusinessInsider as one of the hottest startups to keep an eye on. Also Diagnoptics, Crowdynews, Simplicate, Chordify and the clever streetlight of Tvilight throw high eyes. The Campus is a growing nutritional base for a wide range of startups, including the topics of healthy ageing, energy, ICT and data, new materials and gaming.

Business support and coaching
Entrepreneurs are the link between science and the market. In Groningen, several parties are ready to actively facilitate this. For example, the Business Generator, it helps entrepreneurs start and grow by guiding them in developing earnings models, business strategies and investment proposals. Or VentureLabNorth; She guides participants with a comprehensive program of training and coaching. A "virtual business incubator" that enriches companies with knowledge, skills and contacts to enable growth.

New ideas
How do you bring science and business together? How can you share knowledge and strengthen each other? Groningen is known for this interaction; Think of thematic hacketons, workshops, venture classes and round table conversations specifically organized to promote the interaction between the triple helix. Some events are public and accessible for everyone, sometimes tailored and specific to address issues or challenges.

On and around the campus; everywhere are flexible work spaces
On Campus Groningen, many new startups arise. These include technology spin-offs from the University of Groningen or Hanze University of Applied Sciences, or companies set up by (recently graduated) students. Shared facilities, such as ZAP, BuildinG, Innolab and EnTranCe, provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to join ongoing testing grounds and to get in touch with researchers and students. In Groningen entrepreneurs and startups come together to make use of each other's talent. More information about how and where to settle on campus, you'll find here

Access to funding
Small companies are of great importance for a healthy economy. They stimulate innovation and employment. Capital is often needed to make a brilliant idea a success. How do you get money? To give you a global view of the funding opportunities in Groningen, the Campus provides an overview of the various initiatives, funds and arrangements.