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Ardena Biochemical Laboratory

ABL (now part of ARDENA) was founded in 1969 as an independent laboratory applying the newest techniques in its time for the analysis of clinical parameters in biological matrices, which were not performed in the regular clinical hospital laboratories. ABL was one of the first laboratories owing a fully equipped isotope laboratory in which radio immunoassays and radio receptor assays were performed. In the mid eighties, ABL broadened its scope to pharmaceutical analysis and food analysis and in 1988 ABL performed its first bioanalysis project for a PK study in healthy volunteers. In 1992 ABL was accredited by the Dutch authorities as a GLP compliant laboratory and we still are ever since.

Since then ABL has specialized in bioanalysis as it is known today. The first LC-MS/MS system was obtained in 1998 and nowadays eight such machines are analyzing your samples every day. Even today, ABL is still active in the field where it once started; our immunochemistry department offers the same techniques with state of the art techniques.


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