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Meet our companies

Meet our companies


Collaboration is in our DNA

The Campus constantly sees new connections and establishes new connections aimed at achieving the smart start of sustainable development with impact on the regional economy. From entrepreneurship, in collaboration with world famous research institutes and a strong and open collaborative culture, the Campus realizes impact on global level. Entrepreneurship is at the forefront: The Campus is crowded with young and experienced entrepreneurs, with large numbers of startups and middle and small businesses, all with the same drive and co-operative mentality.

The Campus helps this group of young and experienced entrepreneurs to collaborate more effectively, with each other and with the other stakeholders. In particular, the cooperative structure is implemented: cooperation for and by entrepreneurs. Think of the recently developed Life Cooperative and the developments surrounding Bio-Economy. The successes become visible in many ways, for both the members of the cooperatives and the stakeholders around them. It is entrepreneurship, from which and for which the Campus targets regional economic development: entrepreneurship that brings innovations, which employs more than 95% of the regional population and where students find a place during and after their studies.

On the campus we have almost 200 companies, many with strong roots with knowledge institutions. Below a small overview from the community.