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Innolab Chemistry, located on Zernike Campus Groningen, offers flexible laboratory facilities for startups in chemistry. Fume hoods, benches, laboratory facilities and office space are available for rent. Besides laboratory space, Innolab Chemistry offers shared utilities and services such as purchasing, waste handling, and analysis. Joining the Innolab Chemistry will expand your network with a variety of companies in Life Sciences and Materials.

Innolab Chemisty is available for:

  • Students and (former) employees of RUG and UMCG that have the ambition to start a company in chemistry related topics such as Life Sciences and Materials
  • Entrepreneurs that wish to start a spin-off from RUG or UMCG
  • RUG or UMCG related projects that need be developed toward proof of concept

Are you looking for state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for your start-up in chemistry ? Are you dreaming of starting a new company in an innovative and vibrant environment ? Innolab Chemistry in Groningen is the place you are looking for.

Besides excellent laboratory facilities, Innolab Chemistry offers practical support and business services. Innolab Chemistry supports entrepreneurship, helps creating your management team, expands your network and offers cooperation with surrounding organizations such as Syncom, University of Groningen and Triade. A dedicated business support program is available to boost entrepreneurship and business.


  • Purchasing of chemicals, laboratory supplies, waste handling
  • The presence of a safety team
  • Analytical support including HPLC-MS, NMR, and GC

Business support:

  • Business Development support
  • Business incubation program
  • Active networking