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There are several parking lots on the Zernike campus Groningen. There are freely accessible (1) and parking spaces with a parkingcard or exit card (2). On the parking lot there are floor maps telling you which building letter on the red signs you should follow to arrive at the building of your destination.

Parking on freely accessible parking spaces

  • Parking P6: Transferium Prof. Uilkensweg. (Zernike Campus Groningen-North)
  • Parking P5: "Deimten" (Zernike Campus Groningen-North, at IDEA building)


Parking on reserved parking places with employee card or exit card

P0 to P4

The parking spaces P0 to P4 around the buildings are equipped with barriers. When using the parking spaces P0 and P1 and in some cases at P3, your host will have announced your arrival and a parking space is reserved for you. On arrival, you must report via the intercom of the enclosed car park. You give your name and the name of the employee for whom you are coming. When you are admitted to the parking lot, you will receive an entry card. Upon delivery to the reception you will receive an exit card. If you do not have a ticket, parking costs € 1.20 per hour, with a maximum of € 6, - per day. Paid parking is only possible on P3 and P4. If you can not find a parking space, you can go to the free parking (P5 and P6), which are located further on the property. P0, P1 and P2 are only accesible for employees and guests of the University of Groningen.

Do you come by car to visit the University of Groningen or the Hanzehogeschool? Both institutions have different parking regimes: For the details of the possibilities of parking with an entry card or paid parking, see the FEB faculty and faculty FWN (P2) of the University of Groningen and the Hanzehogeschool (P3 and P4).


Download the map here

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