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Healthy Ageing Campus

The Healthy Ageing Campus is located on and around the University Medical Center Groningen, on the east side of the city center in Groningen. It covers this area of around 30 hectares that is the beating heart of the theme Healthy Ageing. The Campus is an inspiring ecosystem where researchers and entrepreneurs collaborate with government in the field of innovations.

Access to clinic

Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands brings together all facilities, businesses and researchers at and around the UMCG, which fall within the fields of Food & (e) Health, Biomedical Technology and Pharma. The Campus organization, with the aid of the available valorisation infrastructure, presents the existing innovation chains. Based on needs within those chains, companies are acquired and linked to existing knowledge.

In addition to research facilities at the university and the UMCG, incubator buildings and business laboratories, the Healthy Ageing Campus has an R&D Hotel. This is a building with office space that can be used by researchers and entrepreneurs on a project basis (flexible). They can check in whenever they want and leave again at any time.