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WarmteStad obstructions


WarmteStad obstructions

WarmteStad obstructions

On Zernike Campus a new project starts in 2017: WarmteStad (WarmthCity). A new heat network on the basis of geothermal energy is constructed by WarmteStad. WarmteStad is a cooperation by the municipality of Groningen and the Water Company (Waterbedrijf Groningen). In this geothermal project geothermal heath will be used to heat water, that can provide homes and buildings with sustainable energy.

With this hot spring the municipality of Groningen hopes to provide the equivalent of 11.000 households with sustainable energy. To achieve this, a heath relay station is built and a pit is drilled at the Pondematen / De Koegangen at Zernike Campus. At this location, the geothermal source is to be reached.

At the Campus a geothermal energy network is constructed, with which the heath will be transported to the buildings of the University of Groningen and of the University of Applied Sciences at the Campus, and towards some flats in the adjacent burrow Paddepoel. The first geothermal heath is scheduled to be delivered in the first half of the year 2018.

These construction works on the geothermal project will cause traffic congestion starting at the beginning of July 2017. D


  1.  Work on the plants and trees: starting april 2017 
  2. Construction geothermal network, the trace from the source to Blauwborgje: May-July 2017 
  3. Construction geothermal network, trace parallel to Blauwborgje and service conductors of the Hanze University: 3rd of July- 1st of September 2017 
  4. Construction geothermal network of the part next to the sports grounds until the bike lane: preferably between 3rd of July and the first of September 2017 
  5. Construction geothermal network, service conductors of the University of Groningen, trace next to the Facilities Company and the CIT: between the first of September 2017 and the first of March 2018
  6. Installation of the drill tower and starting first drilling: end of 2017


1: No traffic disruption expected in april 2017

2: Traffic disruption May-July 2017
Following the construction of this trace, some traffic disruption is expected on a small part of the Zernikelaan, close to the source next to EnTranCe and on the Prof. Uilkensweg starting end of May 2017.

3 and 4: Traiffic diruption 3rd of July - 1st of September 2017
The road Blauwborgje will be closed of partially for traffic during this period. Also the cycle path and the cyclist tunnel will experience some traffic disruption during this time.  

5: Traffic disruption between the first of September 2017 and the first of March 2018 

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