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Transport and driving piles

Transport and driving piles

Transport and driving piles

The expansion of the Aletta Jacobshal (extra lecture halls and examination spaces) has begun in the beginning of October 2018. Contractor BAM Bouw en Techniek has started work on the construction site, which includes the closure of a section of the adjacent pond. The construction work is scheduled to be completed in February 2020. The new facilities of the Aletta Jacobshal can then be put into use from mid-2020 onwards.

Transport and driving of piles from 3 December onwards

Now that the building site is ready by filling up the pond temporarily, the constructor BAM will start with large transportations, via the route starting in the Reitdiep. This phase will last until the summer of 2019.

In the week of 3 December 2018 the driving of piles, that will not lead to much construction nuisance. There will be large trucks on the road to deliver the concrete until the beginning of januari 2019. After that, the transport will haul the concrete floors, the steel frame and facade- and roof cladding.

From September 2019 onwards the finishing phase starts, and the transtoprtations will be less frequent then. The enlarged exam hall is expected to be ready in the beginning of 2020.

Limiting construction nuisance

Construction nuisance can never be entirely excluded, but it can be limited. To this end, the University has taken measures together the contractor, such as nuisance-limiting measures regarding the location and layout of the construction site as well as the logistics and working methods. Working agreements have also been made on periods of ‘no construction nuisance’ (i.e. during examination weeks, noise-producing activities are avoided) and periods of permitted construction nuisance (i.e. during regular lecture weeks, construction nuisance is possible until 3 p.m.). Any additional examinations can then be scheduled after 3 p.m. during regular lecture weeks.