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Expansion of ZAP


Expansion of ZAP

Expansion of ZAP

The build of the innovation hall of the Zernike Advanced Processing Facility (ZAP) has started in november 2017. At ZAP, entrepreneurs work together with the universities on innovations in biomass.


Building activities, starting week 48 (2017)

From Monday 27 November onwards, there will be ground works and pile-driving work for the building of the innovation hall of ZAP near EnTranCe. Also, cement trucks will drive up to the building site every two hours between 29 November and 5 December 2017.  

Continuation in week 2 (2018)

During the holidays there will be no building activities at ZAP. The building activities will be resumed in week 2 of 2018. More information on the planning will follow as soon as possible. 

About ZAP

The Zernike Advanced Processing (ZAP) facility is a semi-industrial environment where knowledge institutions and businesses collaborate on innovative solutions for the biobased economy. Entrepreneurs contact the ZAP facility with applied research questions and we like to use the experience of these entrepreneurs to market new biobased products or to make (chemical) processes more sustainable. This contributes to a solid region and a stronger international position.

Within ZAP, biomass residues are used. Examples of biomass are sugar beets, potatoes, grass, pruning waste, lupine, hemp and more. Biomass is used as an energy generator by combustion. However, this method does not add much value to the biomass. Applied research in ZAP focuses on valorization of biomass. Biomass can be incorporated into materials or used in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and clothing industry.

For more information on ZAP, click here.