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Construction works Hanzeplein

Construction works Hanzeplein

Construction works Hanzeplein

From Monday 14 October until end of December 2019 there will be construction works at the Hanzeplein (near the main entrance of the UMCG). The lenght of the bus stops are no longer a good match with the lenght of the buses, which makes getting in and out of the buses difficult sometimes. The stops will be elongated and the pavement will be adjusted.

Main entrance UMCG remains accessible

At the same time as the restructuring of the bus stops, the kiss&ride zone in front of the UMCG will be addressed. Here, new asphalt and new paving will be layed. Also the entrance for ambulances will get new asphalt and new signing.

The main entrance to the UMCG will remain accessible. Also the buses will continue to ride unimpeded during the construction works. The bus stops will be placed a few meters away temporarily. 

The construction works are expected to cause no hindrance for traffic and the accessibility of the UMCG. A part of the works will take place in the evening and at night.


Ask Marinus Kanninga of Koen Meijer B.V., via 06-413 500 54 or, or ask Henk Lode of the municipality of Groningen (06-52340963). UMCG related questions: via ofr tel. (050) 3610969.