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Activities for Smart Bike Route at Selwerd


Activities for Smart Bike Route at Selwerd

Activities for Smart Bike Route at Selwerd

The municipality of Groningen will improve the cycle path through Selwerd Park and the crossing at the Eikenlaan. This cycle path is part of the 'Smart Route Zernike' project. To make room for more cyclists on this crowded route, the cycle path will be widened to four meters. The work will start on Tuesday 25 July and will take place until Friday 1 September 2017. During this period cyclists can not use this bike path. Cyclists are redirected via the Zonnelaan and the Zernikelaan.

Schedule activities and redirections

From Tuesday, July 25 untill Friday, August 25:

Construction work cycle path Selwerd. The cyclists will be redirected via the Eikenlaan-Morgensterlaan-Komentenstraat to the Zonnelaan and vice versa. For more details, click here

From Monday, August 28 untill Friday, September 1st:

Activities junction Eikenlaan. The bicycle traffic is then not sent to the Zonnelaan but halfway through the Selwerd park, again towards the tunnel, under the ring road. At that time, bicycle traffic can be continued through the Crematoriumlaan or Paddepoelsterweg. For details on this route and restrictions, click here.


During the implementation, contractor KWS is the first contact point. For questions and comments please contact Mr. G. Poelstra, by telephone 06-11347779.

If you have any questions regarding execution matters, please contact Peter den Ouden. General questions about the project are being addressed by Jeroen Bos ( and Mirjam Wagter ( , Municipality of Groningen).