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Current contruction work and road blocks


Current construction work

Both campus locations are under permanent construction. The roads, buildings en public space are constantly updated. Do you experience inconvenience because of the construction works? Please contact our campus coordinator; Annet de Vree, 06-11023965, E

Building activity Location Info Period
De Mudden ZC Obstruction De Mudden Read more 8 April 2019 onwards
Cycle path Zernikelaan ZC Closing of western part cycle path Zernikelaan.
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April 2017 onwards
Feringa Building ZC Closing old car park Read more 9 Nov onwards
Penningsdijk ZC Street lights Read more Nov 2018
Strengthening quay ZC Closing Zernike Route West Read more 25 March- begin May
Western Ring Road HAC/ZC Maintenance Read more May Holiday 2019
Aletta Jacobs Hall ZC Transport and driving piles Read more 3 Dec 2018 onwards




Completed Location Info Period
Zernikelaan ZC Closing entrances Completed
Penningsdijk ZC New bike path and bridge Completed
Zernikelaan ZC Signing agreement Completed


Current construction works