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Results UMCG survey Work & Commute 2019

Results UMCG survey Work & Commute 2019

Results UMCG survey Work & Commute 2019

Those who were present at the Campus Cafe, edition Healthy Ageing Campus on 6 June 2019 already had a 'sneak peek'. Project manager Charlotte Kumm of UMCG Bereikbaar (Accessible) gave a preview of the results. But now the outcome of the survey that the UMCG held in April 2019 under its employees after their commute to and from their job at the UMCG. Read the key issues here.


Active on the way to work

More than half of the staff travels in an active manner to their work: by bike (52%) or walking (3%). 10% of the employees travels to work by public transport, 26% by car and 3% uses carpool. On a busy summers day , in fact 71% takes a (e)bike to the UMCG. Either using it for the whole journey, or by taking the car or public transport first and then using the bike for the remainder of the commute. This is apparent from the survey Work & Commute 2019, that was held in April 2019 and was filled in by almost 4000 employees of the UMCG.


The accessibility of the UMCG is being perceived as good with an average mark of 7.9, despite all the road- and construction works in and around the city. The highest grades are given by employees that live close to work.

On the distances up to 10 kilometer the bike is used by more than three quarter of the employees. Comparing this to the situation in 2018 and with the results of other inquiries, the e-bike proves to be more and more popular and chosen as an alternative to both car and bike.

Ambition and challeges

The results from the survey confirm the situation you face when you want to park your (e)bike on the UMCG premises: the bike parks are overcrowded and if you start a bit later on a busy day, it is almost impossible to find a parking spot. In order to not just stimulate (even) more employees (partially) travel by (e)bike to the UMCG, but to also offer the right facilities, the UMCG works hard on expansion of the bike parking capacity. Only when the facilities are in order, the UMCG will be able to strive for her ambition and 'bike promise' to have 10% more employees on bikes before 2021.

Input employees important

With the input of employees on the survey Work & Commute of two years ago, the UMCG has already improved a lot, for instance:

  • expanding the bike arrangement
  • lowering prices of subscriptions P+R buses
  • renting in the company locks on P+R's for employees
  • starting a car pool platform
  • bike park capacity and recharging points expanded

The next couple of years, UMCG Bereikbaar will keep on working on optimising all facilities and arrangements to make the commute as sustainable and comfortable as possible.

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