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P+R car parks

P+R car parks

P+R car parks

P+R Car Parks

Do you usualy travel by car to the Zernike Campus or the Healthy Ageing Campus? In that case, the P+R car parks are a good alternative for you to get to your Campus of choice quickly. You can park here for free, and a bus or a bike gets you to your desitination. The existing P+R car parks are being expanded, and new ones are being built at the moment. On top of that, there are special direct lines available which take you to your Campus in one straight line. At this moment, there are seven P+R car parks in and around the city of Groningen. Three of those are very well suited to get at Zernike Campus fast:

·       P+R Reitdiep

·       P+R Hoogkerk

·       P+R Haren A28 (you can take the direct bus number 26 to Zernike Campus)

Good news: you can get to the Healthy Ageing Campus quickly from all the seven P+R car parks quickly by bus. Take a look at this map of the P+R car parks or use Google Maps to find out more about the locations of these P+R car parks in and around Groningen.