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Office bus

A 'novelty' in the Noth: the office bus. Since the beginning of April 2018, an office bus owned by Drenthe Tours makes its rounds between Assen and Groningen. The construction works on the southern ring road and the accompanying traffic disturbances on the A28 gave Drenthe Tours the idea to get an office bus on the road between Assen and Groningen. The bus circumvents traffic jams on the highway by using the road shoulder, amongst other things.

Travelling time = working time

Especially the fact that traveling time can be used as working time, has convinced the first customers such as DUO, according to the manager De Vries of Drenthe Tours. The luxurious bus offers to every traveller:

  • printer
  • wifi 
  • own table
  • good chair
  • USB-hub 
  • socket of 220 Volt 
  • state of the art coffee machine
  • can use the buslane
  • travelling time = working time

Good idea for Zernike Campus and Healthy Ageing Campus?

At the moment (July 2018) the office bus rides from Assen South with several boarding areas on the Europaweg to the bus station in Assen North towards Groningen via the highway A28 to the Europapark and the DUO building as ultimate destination. In case of serious interest, it is possible to start a new 'line' with this office bus to Zernike Campus and the UMCG on the Healthy Ageing Campus. Are you interested in this, and would you like to know more? Please contact Annet de Vree, community manager of Campus Groningen (