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Maps and croissants

Maps and croissants

Maps and croissants

Groningen, 8 November. It is half past 8 in the morning, the smell of croissants and fresh coffee and the sound of enthousiastic people who get to know each other tells you something is going on in EnTranCe. A mixed group with at least one common thought; these 35 man are building the future of Campus Groningen all together. Building- and security coordinator, policymaker, projectleader and dispatcher.

This Campus breakfast was dedicated to spatial development, -challenges, - dreams and the impact. Why was this on the agenda? Well, there is going to happen a lot on both locations; new buildings appear, the attractiveness on companies is present and the accessibility is getting better. And above all, we are working hard on a better habitat on the Campus.


Campus is booming

There is not just a growth in Groningen, said Lisanne Brakenhoff. Halfway 2018 the Campus Groningen got recognised as Campus of national interest. Moreover, the Campus turned out to be the fastest growing Campus of the Netherlands. You see this growth not only on the outside of the buildings, but especially in what happens on the inside of the buildings. Annet de Vree (Campus Groningen) presents the impact of some recently opened facilities. For example ZAP (Zernike Advanced Processing), Innolab Agrifood and d’Root. Besides that, she took us in the oppurtunities we have for the future, like a Product Creation Center, advancement of Innolab Chemistry, but also a Mobility Innovation Center. In conclusion, Jeroen Bos (municipality of Groningen) took us in the ‘’aorta of the Zernike Campus’’; the refurbishment of the Zernikelaan. An important project which will make an early progress. Communication is the key, said Wilko Huyink (Groningen Bereikbaar); start as early as possible is the advice, and show how projects come together.

Communicatie is key

The best developments, like spatial and economic, ask for a closer cooperation and good communication. How can we build on the same goal all together? How can we communicate better and find each other when we need each other the most? We made big steps together; since a year we have Marcel Engelsman who coordinates the security and the construction projects on Campus. He is the one who can change the direction of the projects when they overlap or delay each other. All the construction work and projects are described on

New map

How can we present our spatial campus developments more tangible, visually and manageable? An earlier developed printed map with all the construction projects -ongoing and future projects- turned out to be a practical conversation subject for diverse fora. A renewed notion of this building map was dropped off on the breakfast table to shoot at and to complete. Scratches and croissants turned out to be a constructive mixture; an updated version of the building map will be shared soon.

With over half an hour overtime, because the scratching, getting acquainted and talking about this subject is experienced as important, we can conclude that this was an useful breakfast. To be continued.

Order maps? Questions?

  • Do you want some printed maps on your office? Or do you have some comments or suggestions for the building map? In that case you can mail or call Annet de Vree. 06 11 02 39 65  / 050 361 09 89
  • Inconvenience, nuisance or changes in the building projects or plans? Call or mail Marcel Engelsman,  0503678111  / 01611312339