By bike or e-bike to Zernike › Campus Groningen

By bike or e-bike to Zernike Campus

By bike or e-bike to Zernike

By bike or e-bike to Zernike Campus

A good alternative for traveling by car is using a bike to get to Zernike Campus. A lot is being done to make is easier to get to the Campus quickly and safely by bike. Why would you choose getting around by bike?

  • no traffic jams or traffic congestion
  • flexibility in arrival and departure times
  • Quickly travel large distances by e-bike or by speed pedelec
  • the daily excercise is good for your health
  • using a bike is more sustainable

Take a look at the smart sollutions and possibilities to get to Zernike Campus by bike!

Smart Cycling Routes to Zernike

The city of Groningen has developed two Smart Cycling Routes from the centre of town and the Schildersbuurt to Zernike Campus. These routes offer you a fast route without traffic lights. The Smart Cycling Routes also help deminishing traffic jams at the ring road of Groningen. These traffic jams develop because cars have to wait for cyclists on the Zonnelaan. Take a look at the Smart Cycling Routes at the website of Groningen Fietsstad.

Cycling from a P+R park

Travel to Groningen by car, park your car for free and use a bike for the last part of your yourney. More and more people discover this possibility to get to your job or appointment on Zernike Campus. This way, you avoid traffic jams and you get some exercise! The P+R parks in and around the city of Groningen get more amminities to make your travels easier, such as bike parks, strongboxes for bikes, public transport bike-renting and Park & Bike. At the P+R park at Hoogkerk, you can also find bike strongboxes for companies; also a nice ammenity for traveling to the Campus!

Special offer bike shops

Several bike shops made deals with Groningen Bereikbaar for purchasing bikes and e-bikes. nYou can choose the offer that suits you best. The offers vary from free roadside assistance to a purchase discount of 10%. Download the voucher of the deal and take it with you to the shop to collect your deal!

Who gets to use this?

Anybody who works or lives in Groningen may participate in this deal. If you have any questions about this deal, please contact Groningen Bereikbaar by e-mail: