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BikeShare 050

Bikeshare 050

On March 1, 2017 a pilot has started with twenty 'smart' shared bikes, called BikeShare050. The free bikes are provided with locks, that can be opened with an app. The nex six month, this bike sharing system will be tested. The pilot is an initiative of Groningen Bereikbaar. Six organisations take part in BikeShare 050: The Noorderpoort, the Alfa-College, The Hanze University of Applied Sciences the municipality of Groningen, the Province of Groningen and Groningen Bereikbaar. Everyone of these organisations nominates a limited number of users for this pilot. In total, twenty shared bikes are available for 100 users.


Users of the shared bikes receive a password for the smart lock. With this app, the subject can look for a bike, make a reservation up to four hours in advance and open the lock. After using the bike, the user locks the bike at one of the designated spots in town, like schools, government buildings and P+R parks and logs the bike off for the next user.

Distribution and instruction

If there are too many bikes in one spot, WerkPro will take care of a better distribution around town. This reintegration organisation also maintains the bikes of BikeShare 050. In the instructie manual (pdf) you can find all the information you need on taking part in BikeShare 050. You can also take a look at the flyer (pdf) and the poster (pdf) of BikeShare 050.

For more information on these 'smart' shared bike, please take a look at