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Zernike square 7


Zernike square 7 (ZP7)

Zernike square 7

The Hanze University of Applied Sciences plans to rebuild the Van Olst Tower complex in 2018. The goal is to create an accessible campus building, and a lively center for students, employees and visitors.

Main street

In the rebuild complex, a main street will be created that will form the connecting element within the complex. The Atrium then forms the cross and meeting point. For this purpose some building parts will be demolished. A new sustainable construction will come in place, which will be integrated with the existing building parts.

Update July 2019: completion phase 1, start phase 2

Phase 1
In the summer holiday of 2019 the first part of the new A wing will be delivered, so it can be taken into use in the new academic year. A lot of effort is put in at the moment to finish this job. The interior walls are ready and upholsterers are working on the finishing touches. After this, all installations are started, in order to make the building user ready.
Phase 2
Phase 2 is now started as well. Wings B and C are being emptied, so they can be demolished half July. This creates room for the second part of the new build. The demolition mainly takes place in the summer holidays and run through mid October. After that, the foundation will be laid and the building will be continued. 

New name: VanOlstBorg

The finished building at ZP7 will get a new name: the VanOlstBorg. The tower will keep its own name, Van OlstToren. 

Van Olst Tower - artist impression
Van Olst Tower - artist impression