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Upgrade Zernikelaan

2017 - t.b.d.

Upgrade Zernikelaan

Upgrade Zernikelaan

The initiative has been taken to give the Zernike Avenue (Zernikelaan) a new look. An arrangment that matches the character of the campus and anticipates the new developments in the northern part of the campus.

New bus stop

The area between the Kapteynborg, Willem Alexander Sports Center and Van DoornVeste calls for a thoughtful solution to the crossing traffic streams in this area; The on-going bus stop, the east-west campus roads for cyclists and pedestrians on the campus and the new north-south route of the 'Zernike promenade'.

The solution chosen for this area: a square where the buses stop. The character of the square indicates an area where traffic (pedestrian, cyclist and bus) is mixed and the buses drive quietly. The square on the 'Zernikelaan' makes the connection between the Van Doornveste and the Willem Alexander Sports Center, a combination of sports facilities and waiting space for the bus stop. The purpose of the operation is to make the traffic situation safer and clearer, increase the capacity of the bus stop and create an attractive and dynamic living environment.

Expanding the Zernike Promenade

The Zernike promenade is a wide park along the pond, the bus lanes and the road, where existing and new trees will be combine dwith a bike and footpath to form a continuous and attractive connection of almost 1600 meters through the campus. The head of the pond has become an attractive residential area; The benches are popular and it suites well with the campus routes.