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Aletta Jacobs hall


Aletta Jacobs hall

Aletta Jacobs hall

The Aletta Jacobs hall on Zernike Campus will be expanded in 2018. The extension to the Aletta Jacobshal is necessary to meet the increasing demand for (digital) examination facilities and lecture halls. In addition to lecture and examination rooms, the new wing will also have an extra foyer/reception area, study facilities and more bicycle racks. The building will also become more sustainable thanks to the installation of a geothermal energy system and more than 500 solar panels on the roof. The start of the building activities will be in the winter of 2018.  

Building activities

The total building implementation will take about one year. During the carcase work, which will take about half a year, the most hindrance is expected. This will start in the winter of 2018 and will last until about spring 2019. The project is expected to be finished in 2020.

Update July 2019

The capacity of the Aletta Jacobshal, the exam hall, will be doubled. Contractor BAM started construction work at the end of 2018. The foundation is ready, part of the steel structure is standing and (prefab) concrete for floors and lecture halls has been placed. Time for an update with photo's on the construction work, which is expected to be completed mid-2020. For all the pictures, please visit the website of the UG.