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Solar farm Dorkwerd


Solar farm Dorkwerd

Solar farm Dorkwerd

A new solar farm is planned at Dorkwerd, next to the dredge depot Dorkwerd. The dredge depot is located between the Reitdiep and the Van Starkenborgkanaal, at the crossing of these two waterways. The plans for the solar farm were presented in September 2018 during a information market about the new area development plan for Zernike Campus.

Parties involved

Parties involved are Solarfield, Grondbank GMG and K3. The procedure for a permit for the solar park has been started. The solar park is planned to be 12 acres in size.


Momentarily (September 2019) the procedure for a permit has started. Construction works on the solar park is planned to start in the second quarter of 2020. The solar field is planned to be ready in 2021.