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Innovation Center Engineering & Chemistry

Innovation Center Engineering & Chemistry

Innovation Center Engineering & Chemistry

A place where there is room for growth and collaboration, where the facilities are available, where one can land R&D and start-ups and where companies can get a taste of the innovation climate of Campus Groningen. These are the ingredients of the Innolab formula, at home in Innovation Centers on the Campus. Besides Innolab Chemistry (1.0) and Innolab Agrifood, plans for Innolab Chemistry (2.0) and Innolab Engineering are getting tangible. Both Innolabs will settle in Innovation Center Chemistry and in Innovation Center Smart Engineering.

Enable, empower and inspire new innovators

Innolabs are incubators with an open innovation lab, accommodated with a so called anchor tenant: a knowledge-intensive company that stimulates collaboration and shared facilities, all to further innovations. In the Innolabs all factors are present to enable entrepreneurs in the field of innovation and R&D; with high-end work places, modular labs, innovative machinery, product design and prototype labs, office space, conference rooms and network opportunities.

All parties involved with the Innovation Center Chemistry and the Innovation Center Smart Engineering are enthusiastic. The Innovation Centers are now in their definition phase.

Interview Dagblad van het Noorden

Also read the article in the Dagblad van het Noorden of 9 November 2019 (in Dutch) about this new Innovation Center, including interviews with Annet de Vree, Community Manager of Campus Groningen and with Deepak Halenahally Veeregowda of future resident Ducom Instruments.