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Datacenter and Datalab

Bytesnet builds data center and lab on campus

Bytesnet realizes its ambition. Originated from the Internet Exchanges in Groningen and Rotterdam, and since its origins connected with regional knowledge and care institutions, ICT companies and startups, Bytesnet makes a next ambitious step. With partners and customers, the company developed an unique concept consisting of a combination of an advanced data center and an innovative datalab at Campus Groningen. Scoop for the Netherlands: The whole building will be built earthquake-proof, from design to construction.

Green building

Bytesnet invests a total of 20 million euros in this new ambition. The literally and figuratively green building is located right on the Zernike Campus Groningen, near the Energy Transition Center (EnTranCe). "The final design is ready, the license is being requested," says Peter de Jong, CEO of this company in Groningen. "We hope to be able to start the construction soon. Then we can open the building in the third quarter of next year.


“The building must become a dynamic place, suitable for Campus Groningen and the regional ICT ecosystem"

- Peter de Jong, CEO Bytesnet



"It will be one of the most energy efficient data centers in the Netherlands. By using innovative, sustainable technologies, energy consumption is significantly lower than usual. We want to be one of Europe's most energy-efficient data centers".

Unlike others with this types of buildings, Bytesnet chooses an open and accessible building where the entire Northern ICT community can benefit from. Companies, scientists and students can use the latest ICT facilities, such as High Performance Computing. Nevertheless, a high level of security is guaranteed. The computers and data of customers using Bytesnets data center services are shielded for all those who have nothing to do with it.

The proximity and accessibility are an additional reason for many companies to choose the regional datacenter from Bytesnet.


Bytesnet will use the data lab itself for innovations in all these areas, but also provides space, resources and functionalities to educational and research institutions, the healthcare and SME sector, with the aim of stimulating research, education, business and the regional ICT ecosystem.

De Jong geeft enkele voorbeelden: “Met de Hanzehogeschool Groningen werken wij samen met De Digital Society Hub (Innovatiewerkplaats ICT en Media) en EnTranCe (innovatiewerkplaats energietransitie). Met Noorderpoort werken wij samen op het gebied van een mbo4-leergang Cloudengineer, stageplaatsen en afstudeeropdrachten voor ICT en Elektrotechniek. Ook met de RUG zijn we in gesprek, evenals met andere grote en kleine spelers op de noordelijke datamarkt. “Dat interactie rondom ICT en data zich juist hier ontplooit is niet voor niets. Op Campus Groningen weten we hoe we grote hoeveelheden data moeten verzamelen en verwerken, maar nog belangrijker is dat we weten hoe we de waarde uit die data kunnen halen. Met de kennis op de Campus veranderen we Big Data in Smart Data. De ontwikkeling van een Datalab past zodoende perfect bij de identiteit van dit gebied”

De Jong gives some examples: "With the Hanze University of Applied Sciences we work together with The Digital Society Hub (Innovation ICT and Media Innovation) and EnTranCe. With Noorderpoort we work together in the field of a course 'Cloud Engineering', internships and graduation assignments for ICT and Electrical Engineering. We are also in dialogue with the RUG, as well as other big and small players in the northern Data market. "That interaction around ICT and data is developing right here at Campus Groningen is not a suprise. At Campus Groningen we know how to gather and process large amounts of data, but more importantly, we know how to get the value out of that data. With the knowledge on Campus, we change Big Data into Smart Data. The development of a Datalab fits perfectly with the identity of this area."